MEDIARESEARCH begins a new peoplemeter measurement project in the Czech Republic

Leden 7, 2013

The First of January 2013 will mark the historic opening day of the fourth peoplemeter project of electronic measurement of television audience in the Czech Republic. The provider is, for the third time for the period from 2013 to 2017, the research agency MEDIARESEARCH. Audience data are supplied to all national television stations and communications agencies. The client for the measurement data, as before, is the Association of Television Organizations whose aim, from the outset, has been to ensure research results from a single source for the Czech market, the single currency of peoplemeter measurement.

The research agency, MEDIARESEARCH, has implemented electronic measurement of television audience in the Czech Republic since 2002. MEDIARESEARCH has established its leading position in three tenders and the quality of the television single currency has been confirmed by several completed audits. With the latest generation of measuring technology developed by MEDIARESEARCH, SimEar, the 2013-2017 project will include many improvements and extensions. Our project stands comparison with the highest international standards and in some parameters exceeds them.

„We are pleased that the Czech market chose us in the tender and that our technology establishes the Czech Republic among the countries where the time-shifted audience is already measured. We also measure the combined viewership of television and television on the Internet „commented Tereza Šimečková, the chairwoman of the Board of Directors of MEDIARESEARCH.

From this year clients have measurement data of time-shifted television audience available, thanks to our new technology based on the principle of audiomatching. Another new data segment is information about viewership of television on computers from the online archives of TV stations.

A third novelty is the delivery of a new application, “Online data”, that makes audience data available in almost real time plus new analytical software for processing data from the Continuous survey and Lifestyle survey data.

MEDIARESEARCH also brings innovative approaches to the processes of weighting data and statistical analyses to ensure maximum representativeness of the results. This data is derived from the above standard panel of 1850 households (about 4,200 people), given the size of the Czech population.

The client of the project is the Association of Television Organisations (ATO), which has represented the interests of the Czech television market since 1997, providing a “single currency” for the Czech market, the results of peoplemeter measurement. The full members of the ATO are currently: Czech Television, FTV Prima, The Association of Communication Agencies (AKA – association of the vast majority of media agencies in the Czech Republic) and newly, from 1st January 2013, media representation agency Atmedia CZ and Stanice O. TV Barrandov Studio remains an associate member. From 2013, CET21, operator of Nova group channels which, as the service organization CNTS Nova, was a founding member of the association, is not a member of the ATO.

All of the Czech media market uses data from the electronic measurement of television audience by MEDIARESEARCH as the single currency.

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