About the Project of Electronic Measurement of TV audience

The purpose of electronic measurement of TV audience research is to provide detailed, reliable and consistent data on television audiences. The main data users are television stations, media and advertising agencies, advertisers and auditors.


TAM Characteristics

  • The measurement is performed on a representative sample of 1,900 households owning at least one television set, which corresponds to 4,450 individuals. Personal details of the household members participating in the measurement are anonymous to the clients and data users.
  • Daily data are guaranteed from a minimum of 1,700 households.
  • Our Panel households are regularly replaced and replenished – about 25% every year.
  • The panel structure is regularly monitored and adjusted to match the sample of households with the socio-demographic profile of households and individuals in the Czech Republic, according to the most recent CSO (Czech statistical office) data.
  • The panel composition is continuously checked with regard to potential changes in the characteristics that could affect television audiences in the Czech Republic.
  • The Continuous Survey serves to map changes in the characteristics of the Czech television market, and is performed every year on a representative sample of at least 12,000 households.
  • Information about the respondents is continuously complemented with data about their lifestyle and consumer behaviour gained from the Lifestyle Survey (LSS).
  • The Television audience of panel households is electronically measured using TV meters. Audiomatching is the dominant technology in the measurement – a comparison of sound prints from all measured TV sets with a reference set of sounds of the measured TV channels. The measurement does not depend on the means of TV signal reception (DVB-T, satellite, cable, IPTV, Internet).
  • Since 2013, the time-shifted audience of programmes has been included in the measurement project, i.e. the audience of a programme after its TV broadcast time, over a horizon of 7 days. It can occur on TVs with hard drives or other device allowing the recording and playback of TV broadcasts, or with help of so-called Smart TVs etc.
  • During the day, the TV meter continuously sends data via mobile operator data transfer to the processing centre.
  • For the digital part of the project (PEM D) we use site-centric technology, which works on the principle of measuring scripts (Nielsen SDK) implemented directly in video players on websites and in mobile as well as HbbTV applications of connected TV operators.
  • Daily data are available every morning by 8:00 am, within 2 hours of the end of the previous TV day, which lasts from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., including Saturdays, Sundays and all national holidays.
  • The data from the digital measurement part (PEM D) is delivered daily for the previous day, no later than by 12:00. Above the possibility of separate PEM D data analysis, the PEM TV and PEM D Data Harmonization Module can analyze data from both parts of the measurement together in one software.

History of audience measurement

Historically, the first implementer of single electronic measurement of television audience in the Czech Republic was Taylor Nelson AGB Media Facts (now Kantar Media), who signed a contract with the predecessor of the ATO – the Association of Communication and Media Organizations (SKMO), from which the ATO was subsequently set up. From 1997 to 2002 minute by minute data were supplied to data users and the research panel comprised 660 households.

In the second project carried out from 2002 to 2007 the original implementer lost its position when the research agency MEDIARESEARCH (now Nielsen Admosphere) won the tender, for the first time. MEDIARESEARCH increased the number of households in the panel to 1333 and started to measure data at one-second intervals. The delivery of data was accelerated and since 2007 has been delivered every day, including Sundays. A Continuous lifestyle, consumer and media behaviour survey, the LSS, became part of the project. A lifestyle survey of children (LSS children) was added in 2008.

MEDIARESEARCH became the implementer of the third project in the period 2007-2012, with the same subcontractors. During that Project we further increased the size of the panel of households to 1833, which increased the ratio of sample size towards the population size and surpassed many other panels in the world. Increase in the sample brought greater accuracy for audience analyses of smaller target groups and television stations with non-broadcast penetration.

In November 2011, the agreement was signed between the Association of Television Organizations and company Mediaresearch (which was renamed Nielsen Admosphere in June 2015), on the implementation of the (already fourth in order) peoplemeter’s project for 2013-2017. The size of the panel increased to 1,850 households. In addition to live TV audience, time-shifted audience measurement (on TV and computers of the households’ members) was added. Plus, data users got a chance to access data online almost in real time.

In autumn of 2016, a tender was announced for the new implementer of the TV audience measurement project for the period 2018-2022. Nielsen Admosphere won the tender (again), so it continues to be the sole implementer of the TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic. The current project has brought several changes: in particular it has two parts now. Its TV part (so-called PEM TV) builds on the previous project and continues to bring high quality of methodical provisioning and the possibility of analyzing the output of peoplemeter’s data. Additionally, the annual sample of surveyed households within Continual Survey has increased from 9,000 to 12,000 and the size of the panel itself has also grown, from 1,850 to 1,900 households. There is a new digital part of the project (PEM D) which includes measurement of the consumption of television content distributed over the Internet to various digital devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones or Smart TV via HbbTV).

About the Association of Television Organisations

The Association of Television Organisations (ATO) is a professional association that has ensured the implementation and coordination of the electronic measurement of television audience common projects using TV meters in the Czech Republic since 1997 – the so called Project of Electronic Measurement. The ATO aims to protect the common interests of its members related to television broadcasting. The ATO also performs self-regulatory activities and was included in the List of Cooperating Self-regulatory Bodies by the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting in 2010.

Regular members of the Association currently are: Czech Television, FTV Prima, CET 21, the Association of Communication Agencies of the Czech Republic, which is the association of the leading agencies in the field of television advertising; media representation agency Atmedia Czech, and Stanice O. Associate members of the ATO are: Barrandov TV Studio and Audiovisual Producers‘ Association. Business partners of the ATO are Šlágr TV and Regional Television CZ.

More information about the Association, audience measurement and its results can be found at www.ATO.cz/en or here on the website in the section Contacts or in Downloads.

About Nielsen Admosphere, the implementer of the Peoplemeter Project

Nielsen Admosphere (www.nielsen-admosphere.eu) is a research agency with a wide portfolio of products and services covering market and media research, analysis and data processing. We focus especially on methodologically and technologically demanding projects, such as electronic television audience measurement, applying the TV meter method. We have developed our own technology for electronic media measurement – SimMetryTM. We are also dedicated to advertising monitoring Ad Intel, market research, especially face-to-face surveys, CAWI, CATI surveys and data analysis. We offer the comprehensive services of a reliable research agency, with the background of the international company Nielsen.

One part of the Nielsen Admosphere group is Adwind, a Software company which develops software for working with data from audience research and advertising monitoring.

More information about the company can be found at www.nielsen-admosphere.eu or here on the website in the section Contacts or in Downloads.