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Tereza Simeckova

(Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Nielsen Admosphere)

Tereza has dedicated her career to media and media research since 1991. After graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague she worked in AISA (later AISA media / MEDIAN). There she cooperated on the Media Project and later worked as director of support for software processing the data from media research. In Median she also ensured the first support of software for working with peoplemeter data for Taylor Nelson AGB Media Facts in 1997-1998. Tereza worked on development of software for TV audience data as the director of Lerach from 1998. She became one of the creators of MEDIARESEARCH (now Nielsen Admosphere) in 2001, the company which has implemented the peoplemeter Project for the ATO since 2002. As Executive Chairwoman Tereza has successfully extended its activities into other areas of media research, in particular advertising monitoring (Ad Intel) and software for media data processing (Adwind Software). Tereza is also a Vice-President of the Czech association SIMAR, which brings together people active in the field of market and public opinion research who want to improve this area and carry out and objectively interpret research of high quality.

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David Satransky

(Head of Electronic Measurement department of Nielsen Admosphere)

David has worked in media data field since 1997, when he joined the company Lerach as Client Service Manager. He has worked for Nielsen Admosphere since 2005, first as Director of Internet measurement and since 2006 as Director of Electronic Measurement department. David is responsible for the implementation of the Project of Electronic Measurement of television audience.

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Vlasta Roskotova

(Managing Director of the Association of Television Organizations)

Vlasta Roskotova studied foreign trade at the University of Economics in Prague. At the beginning of the nineties she worked for the government organization U.S. Peace Corps. She has worked in media since 1995. She started as Deputy Head of Strategic Planning department in a commercial television station; she was an active participant in the implementation of the Project of electronic measurement of TV audience. She then worked as Head of media planning and later Director of marketing in a media agency. She was publishing an in-house magazine and from there it was only a short step to media journalism. She worked as Head of media section, than as editor and deputy editor-in-chief of the professional magazines Marketing & Media and Strategie. Her last employer was the Office of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, where she was responsible for the foreign agenda, cooperation with the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities and communication with the institutions of the European Union.

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